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Clothing Donations

Mum’s The Word accepts all your unwanted school uniform items and activity items.  You can also make a financial donation through our secure system.

We want donating to be easy for you, so Mum’s The Word has created ‘drop spots’ for you to drop off your donations, to find your nearest ‘drop spot’ click here.  Alternatively you can also contact Mum’s The Word to arrange to drop at our base or for us to come to you to collect.

Please try to ensure that all donated textiles are clean, this will help keep the costs down for Mum’s the Word.

Thank you


Donations So Far:

£2.00 Donation by Susan BIGGS

On 23/03/2015

£20.00 Donation by Glenn SMITH

On 10/09/2014

2 my world my heart my soul. XxXxXxXx

£20.00 Donation by Stephen SWAN

On 03/09/2014

£5.00 Donation by Lindsay MCDONNELL

On 03/09/2014

Sending warm heartfelt wishes xx

£20.00 Donation by Marie SWAN

On 03/09/2014

For Sam xxx

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